Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Going on an Adventure

In two weeks, I am headed to Saugatuck Michigan for a week to paint. No kids. No computer. Just lots of painting supplies, nature and Mr. Jimmy Wright - my painting instructor. I'm so excited. More to come about this adventure. I am learning five things I must do to make this adventure happen. I share them now:

1. Minimize negatives from people(even family) who are downers(why are you going?, what about the economy? and etc.)
2. Save, save, save and stretch my dollar(I don't need every single article of the supply list).
3. Finish my work(I have two commission projects due NOW. I'd feel great if one was completely done before I left).
4. Stay open to the beautiful. Enough said.
5. Make sure my girls - Kayla and Imani - are happy and comfortable with their plans for the week. (This should have been listed first.)

Will be sharing more about my painting retreat soon... My latest portrait painting "Desiree's Desire"(oil, 11x14) is also in this post.