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Hello, there!  You've found my place to share new paintings and new stories about my art. If you don’t mind the paint on my hands, let’s shake and get to know one another, OK?

True story. I was around seven years old when I found art.  I was laying on the floor at home copying a nude by artist Leonardo da Vinci from a book.  Vitruvian Man I think.  Mom shrieked when she found me on the den floor sketching.  Mom was not crowning me an art protege. She screamed at me for drawing the naked man with all his “goods.”  With the hoopla I caused - that day a love of art and especially a fascination with drawing people was born.

Today, I show my work to anyone I can get to look at it in the Windy City of Chicago.  If you’d like to see my work outside of my studio and find yourself near Southland Chicago, you’re in luck. The University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital has my earlier work, “First Haircut” in it’s collection.  A number of my works can be seen in the Markham Public Library in Markham, IL - a south suburb of Chicago. 

While out that way, locate the suburb of Glenwood, IL where you’ll find Living Springs Community Church on Halsted street.  Living Springs has three large works that I gratefully completed for a commission.  Additionally, if you are ever in the south suburb of Oak Forest, IL, head to the Oak Forest Park District where you’ll find a large painting behind the reception desk.  To finish off your trip, check out soul food restaurant “Flava” in Flossmoor, IL on Vollmer Rd. (between Governors Hwy & Kedzie Ave) for a quick bite and to take in other local art on the walls. 


What inquirers need to know about me before we work together.

  • Staff: I currently wear all of the hats in my company.  Don’t be alarmed, every brush stroke is mine.   
  • Not So Secret Desire: To take a two week trip to Italy to paint and take pictures.
  • Secret: When I’m not painting people, I’m painting nature and God's lovely creation.
  • Quirky: I squeal when I’m happy. Sharing my art makes me happy.
  • Quirky #2: I point out most sunsets to my daughters; I hope to instill an appreciation of beauty.
"Sunset On the Way Home"; ©Toni Ruppert

    Art Favorites

    • Favorite painting spot: Oxbow in Saugatuck Michigan.  Stay on campus.  You can’t beat the food after a day of painting.  
    • Favorite artist from history: Archibald J. Motley.  His focus was Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.
    • Favorite art-related blog: Art Biz Blog(  
    • Every artist should read: Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron

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