Monday, October 26, 2015

Join me in Colorado?

Next month, when I arrive in Colorado, I'll be bringing my artist eye, my sketchbook, camera and my own ray of sunshine.

When I visited northern Wisconsin earlier this year - I painted and picked up lots of greens and blues along the way.

Something tells me that with the change in locale, I will be especially inspired. Hence, I am planning a series of landscapes based on sights I see while there.

You can join in on the adventure!

Welcome to Colorado - seen through my eyes!

Here is how it works - from October 27th - November 10th:
    1. Select two colors that I will feature in your original 11x14 painting.
    2. Purchase your painting on my website.
    3. At checkout, let me know the two colors that you selected (If you miss this step, simply email me your selection.
    4. After the painting is completed, I will post it and ship it to you.

Congratulations on joining with me in Colorado! Stay tuned - as I will be blogging here about my Colorado adventure.

Have you been to Colorado? Do you have any travel tips? Where will your next adventure take you?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.