Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grateful and Amazed...

I must share this with you. I got a call on my way to a meeting. I let it go into voice-mail because I did not recognize the number and it was after hours. Then I rethought my action and called back. The lady who answered said something and I could not understand - it was not obvious where I had called. She spoke with an accent. I told her who I was. She said, do you know _____? I’m like I don’t understand. I had her repeat the person's name 2 more times. Then she asked me to confirm that I am Toni Ruppert Fine Art & Design. That got my attention.

She said she was calling from a currency exchange at ______ in Chicago, IL and someone was trying to cash a check for $600 they said I mailed them. I was like “No, No, I do not know them.” She put me on hold for a long time.

When she got back on, she told me, this guy ______ tried to cash a check. But they would not process it. My heart thundered. I thanked her profusely and hung up.

I then got a call from my friend Maria - I said please pray for me. I told her quickly what happened. Then I called my bank.

I went ahead and closed the account after some discussion. My account had been compromised. After getting off of the phone, I was like Thank You Lord. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah! I was in tears. I got to my meeting and then returned home again. I was exhausted.

But before going to bed, I wanted to grab something to remember this event and God’s protection. I grabbed our cookie jar and placed it on the table.

When you open it, my cookie jar says,”Get your hand out of my cookie jar- roar!” It sounds real menacing. It was perfect to remind me of how God is my powerful lion, my protector. I am so grateful that people did their job and called me. I‘m so grateful that wasn't ripped off.

In this post, I included this watercolor and pastel painting, "Looking Up" to share my emotions(I am so very grateful and amazed.)

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