Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grateful and Amazed...

I must share this with you. I got a call on my way to a meeting. I let it go into voice-mail because I did not recognize the number and it was after hours. Then I rethought my action and called back. The lady who answered said something and I could not understand - it was not obvious where I had called. She spoke with an accent. I told her who I was. She said, do you know _____? I’m like I don’t understand. I had her repeat the person's name 2 more times. Then she asked me to confirm that I am Toni Ruppert Fine Art & Design. That got my attention.

She said she was calling from a currency exchange at ______ in Chicago, IL and someone was trying to cash a check for $600 they said I mailed them. I was like “No, No, I do not know them.” She put me on hold for a long time.

When she got back on, she told me, this guy ______ tried to cash a check. But they would not process it. My heart thundered. I thanked her profusely and hung up.

I then got a call from my friend Maria - I said please pray for me. I told her quickly what happened. Then I called my bank.

I went ahead and closed the account after some discussion. My account had been compromised. After getting off of the phone, I was like Thank You Lord. Praise You Jesus. Hallelujah! I was in tears. I got to my meeting and then returned home again. I was exhausted.

But before going to bed, I wanted to grab something to remember this event and God’s protection. I grabbed our cookie jar and placed it on the table.

When you open it, my cookie jar says,”Get your hand out of my cookie jar- roar!” It sounds real menacing. It was perfect to remind me of how God is my powerful lion, my protector. I am so grateful that people did their job and called me. I‘m so grateful that wasn't ripped off.

In this post, I included this watercolor and pastel painting, "Looking Up" to share my emotions(I am so very grateful and amazed.)

Next winning principles.


Tina said...

Praise God! Wonderful testimony Toni!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Had to stop by for a moment before I'm off to work Toni...thanks for following...I look forward to reading and seeing more from you!!

Mary Allsopp said...

What a lesson in listening to your intuition and taking time to listen to people to the point of understanding. These God-given gifts of yours were part of the equation as well.

Karlene said...

Beautiful painting for an interesting day. Glad it turned out okay!

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

Thanks for posting your comments. It's a few weeks later and things are still well.