Saturday, November 28, 2015

Art Everyday Month--painting at the edge of the day

Sketch - after the circus
©Antonia Ruppert

After cooking, cleaning, visiting the circus and putting the child to bed--we ushered in art.  Now that is creating at the edge of the day as author Toni Morrison suggests.

Sometimes these types of sketches become part of larger works--like here:

Dreaming of Innocence
Acrylic on Canvas
©Antonia Ruppert
and here:

Dreaming of Stars
Acrylic on Canvas
©Antonia Ruppert
Dreaming of Christmas
©Antonia Ruppert
Whether a sketch or an actual painting, these creations have become a testimony to the bible verse "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might." In this season of life, I try not to "despise these small beginnings" as scripture says.

Sometimes painting at the edge of the day=Art Everyday. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Art everyday- sweetness

Cranberry cake
© Antonia Ruppert

Ahhh!  This was my Thanksgiving dinner contribution. I love the cranberries folded into vanilla, almond, flour, sugar and butter. 

The family taste test results are in: the cake part was truly yummy but the cranberries were very tart.  Pucker up!

Here is a lesson--don't skimp the sugar. In an effort to lower calories, I used a 1/2 cup less of sugar.  And one could tell. 

Lesson learned.

That lesson carries over into art. Whether you are a new or seasoned collector, know this: working with an artist to create your decor is using all of the sugar.  

Working with an artist --like me--means sweet results.

I'm thankful for all who venture to work with me.  

Commissioned landscape
© Antonia Ruppert

Thank you for reading my posts, following me on Facebook, for purchasing my work and for your positive feedback.

I'll have another chance at that cranberry cake. I will make another one for a dinner party I'm hosting on this Saturday.

Believe me, I will not skimp on the sugar.  

See for ways you too can add real sweetness.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for these 4

Landscape Progress
©Antonia Ruppert

Where I am, folks are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. After spending much of the day cleaning, organizing and decorating...

©Antonia Ruppert
...I loved making progress on my painting shown first above. 

After reading blogger and wordsmith Melanie Jongsma's Thanksgiving post, I thought I would also share four projects I'm most thankful to have worked on this year.

1. Faces of Strength 
This nine month project was an idea I had to simply get to know moms within my local community.  I interviewed moms in the Berwyn community and a few surrounding areas. From those discussions, paintings were created.  Twelve paintings were shown at New Life Community Church(Melrose) earlier this spring. More will be shown next February and March in a new show at Loyola University Chicago.  I started out to make friends and connections and gained so much more.

Thank you to the mothers who spent time with me!

Holding the Treasure
Acrylic Mixed Media Collage
©Antonia Ruppert

2.  For Lauren (private collection)
This painting meant so much to me because like my patron's daughter, I lost me father.  Being able to provide this painting from one of her only pictures of the two together, was heart-warming for me.  

Thank you Mia and Lauren!
For Lauren
©Antonia Ruppert

3.  Genesis of an Artist 
This painting was three years in the making.  I am so grateful that it is completed.  Not only did I complete it, I submitted it to the Museum of Science and Industry's Black Creativity juried art exhibit.  Though I won't know until December whether it was accepted, I am happy  to have completed the submission process.

Thank you to Elaine and all of my Facebook friends who helped me name this piece!

Genesis of an Artist
4. Joseph
This is a painting that will be unveiled at the Barrington Christmas Artwalk 2015 in December. Though I am not at liberty to share it now to you due to the unveiling,  know that I am grateful for this opportunity. You may find more info about the Christmas Artwalk 2015 online here.

Though this is not all I am thankful for,  these projects send me into worship to God.

Thank you for your continued support of me and the art God allows me to make. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art Everyday Month - Remembering those gone on

Remembering Those Gone On
Watercolor and pencil

Art everyday.

Art Everyday Month - Ultra Creative Day

Progress on landscape
©Antonia Ruppert

Today was ultra creative in different ways. Don't you love days like that?

Not only did I work on a commissioned landscape, my daughter and I and a few other committed souls helped decorate our church for the holidays.

We laughed, listened to Christmas music and made the place spiffy.

Photos by Tiffany Daniels.

Earlier in the day, I noticed the blend of fall and winter.

Leaves in snow
© Antonia Ruppert

Winter leaves
© Antonia Ruppert

It was a lovely--ultra creative day.  Are you noticing your growing creativity as we move into this holiday season?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Art Everyday Month - A Song

Today's art is a song.  I love to paint. And I love to write. And I love to sing.

I grew up listening to my grandmother and her sisters sing. I thought everyone sung like that. It was just that natural.

Let me know if you can not hear this song and I can repost it as a link.

Thank you for listening.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Art Everyday Month - Filling Pages

Sketchbook drawing
Ink and Marker
© Antonia and Imani Ruppert

Filling pages starts with experiences. Boring, mundane experiences. Adventurous, exuberant experiences. They all mean something. 

Filling pages -whether for personal journaling or article writing- means expression of these experiences. You have to have a want - a desire to say something. 

I've been keeping a journal/sketchbook since I was 12 years old. I obviously adore filling pages.

When I opened the sketchbook today, I saw my ten year old's creation(she drew in my book!). I decided to add my own drawing with hers.

Two artists are better than one.