Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caras de la Fuerza (Faces of Strength)

©Antonia Ruppert - In progress
I am working on a new series titled "Caras de la Fuerza" (Faces of Strength). The painting shown above is from the series and is in progress. I am drawing and painting mothers in my community. This is to show the strength and beauty I see daily and build community.  I am painting these mothers by taking time to interview them briefly and draw them from life.  During this session, I will take photographs from which I will paint from. 
Of course, over coffee, we'll have discussions regarding our hopes, day to day living, motherhood and life in our community.  After completion, I will host an exhibit where all of the mothers from our various cultures can meet each other and come together. 
I am working on all new pieces with pastel, acrylic and collage. Each finished piece will be around 12x12.
I will continue to post the progress of each piece. Stay tuned.

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