Monday, March 30, 2015

For the One Who Thinks 1986 is Ancient

©Antonia Ruppert
Doesn't it just rub you when your kids think you're waaay uncool? Here is a poem inspired by my youngest daughter, Imani, age 9 - who currently thinks 1986 is ancient.  To read why I wrote this, go here.  

One Day ©Antonia Ruppert

One day soon in the mirror you’ll see
all I had hoped you’d be
You’ll look long and hard and say
“Mom also wore her hair that way.”

Your skin etched with laughter 
where smooth use to be
Your velvety hands
moistened with Mr. Clean

That your way will be guided 
and your dreams made true
Is all I can ever hope for you.

Yet, in the mirror, one day, you’ll see
though today you laugh hilariously.
In the mirror one day you’ll see,

you’re more than ever like me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I Learned this Week about Laughter

portrait, Sylvia, acrylic, mixed media
"In the Mirror"
©Antonia Ruppert
Acrylic and Mixed Media
Do you ever laugh at yourself? This week I learned that part of being human is being able to laugh at your own experiences.  My 9 year old spent some part of this evening watching some of my old videos and laughing. 

This was NOT a “laugh with you” kind of laugher.

She said look at your clothes, why did you wear that? (And I thought my clothes were just fine.)

She then said, “Look Mom, look at your dancing!” After some moments of watching, she finally said “You freak me out!”

I had to say OK and laugh with her. Some of my old videos were a bit much -  to say the least.  We had a moment together.

I am working on a poem - an ode to my youngest which I will share with you next post.

Pictured in this post is another painting from my series Faces of Strength.  “In the Mirror” is a rendition of Sylvia. Another painting of Sylvia is posted here.

This week I learned to not take myself so seriously. Have you laughed at your own self lately? 

Go ahead, look again at those old videos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Faces of Strength: Feeling Honored

Faces of Strength painting_Antonia Ruppert
"I am Honored" ©Antonia Ruppert
Mixed Media on Panel
After meeting with Chinniese to hear her story and paint her, I became aware of other words to associate with motherhood. Honor. Wisdom. Patience. Let me share with you some of the gems she shared with me.
  • Chinniese said, “It’s an honor to be someone’s mommy.”
  • She relies on prayer to find the wisdom she needs daily.
  • Though she felt overwhelmed at first, she would not change it for the world.
  • Chinniese learned to be excited and embrace her daughter for who she is.
  • She considers being a mom as another way of being a good steward.

We talked further about one of her life lessons: having patience with herself.  She explained that we can beat ourselves up, but God does not look at us like that.  He looks at us with grace (free and unmerited favor).  I felt after talking to Chinniese that she has great patience with herself - as a parent and as a person.

Besides having this type of personal patience, Chinniese has a circle of friends which provides added wisdom on how to do things. She wants to see her friends and other women built up - to know that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Meeting with Chinniese and creating the painting of our experience together was awesome. I painted her from life—only adjusting some parts slightly afterwards.  In the process of creating the final art, it dawned on me several times that I could add anything I wanted to tell her story.  Hence, the hair barrette was added to show the youthful quality of the left figure.  Additionally, I decided to use her own words in the painting - words from our conversation as well as themes which guide her - honor, patience and trust.

What three words describe your life as a mother or your relationship with your own mom? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you would like to see this painting as a greeting card—be sure to go to my Fine Art America page.

I am thankful to Chinniese for allowing me to hear her story and thankful to you for joining me today.