Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Royalty," acrylic figurative © Toni Ruppert

"Royalty" 16x20 Mixed Media on Pine Board
© Toni Ruppert
I wanted to paint some STRONG WOMEN.  I put a post on my Facebook page to see who could pose for me.  One of my long time friends, Pat, replied to me.

It was awesome to see her in person after so many years.  As you can see from the picture, Pat is very stately and beautiful. Deeply spiritual, she has a strong presence about her.

"Pat in Sepia" Photo ©Toni Ruppert
After sketching her that day and taking photos, I could not wait to get home and get a chance to work on it.

I started with a 1/2 inch blank 16x20 pine board which I quickly covered with color. I chose yellow and orange for the underpainting.  Those colors mean fire and energy for me - I wanted to ensure that came out in the final.

As I created “Pat” I made some decisions.  I know you can’t tell from the photo, but I used Sennelier pastels for the back ground.  I loved the effect and sprayed it to hold it.
Underpainting © Toni Ruppert
Progress © Toni Ruppert
I decided to place a silver crown on her and to accentuate the shawl.  Her actual shawl was so  beautiful, I wanted to do it justice.

I chose jewel-like colors to show this.

Playing with the shawl...

I work sometimes by computer. Blowing up the photo on my screen. Yes, my computer is turned on its head. That’s the only way I could rotate the photo just right. It worked....!!

Progress with the computer....

At this point, I slowed way down. I was having such a good time painting “Pat.” I took my time and enjoyed the peace.  At one point, Mike--my husband, took a photo of me painting.  It was like the perfect shot.

"Royalty" in Progress © Mike Ruppert
The next phase was what I call a cruise phase. Adding more and more detail, I painted the face and just played with it.

At the end, I knew it was not completed. I wanted to show a pendant with “something” in it.  I’ve been going through some tough stuff lately and so have some of my friends.  By God's grace, I am sustained.  I was moved to show something to depict what may lay underneath the beauty and composed state. 

I borrowed Norwegian Expressionist Edvard Munch’s painting Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) otherwise known as “The Scream.” I painted the actual head screaming as her pendant.

I immediately knew the agonized expression on the face of the pendant was perfect.
Close up of "Royalty" ©Toni Ruppert
Adding the "scream"....

"Royalty" © Toni Ruppert

“Royalty" is now completed and ready to share. For more information about prints of "Royalty” click  to my Fine Art America site.