Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I Go for the Really Big Ideas

"Morning Meditation I"   India Ink and Acrylic on Paper   ©Toni Ruppert    
I had a big belly laugh this week. My sister texted me something funny my nephew BJ asked.  She wrote, “So out of nowhere, BJ asks me, “Mommy, how did I come out of your mouth when I was born?”

My sister said she was speechless.  I cried laughing.  Kids ask the darnedest things, don’t they?

Bj reminded me of how inquisitive I was as a child. I was definitely an explorer of new things.  That same curiosity leads me today as an entrepreneur.  I like to ask myself:
  • How else can I inspire and encourage with my work?
  • How else can I be of creative service to my clients?
  • What would happen if I went after “The Big Ideas?
  • Why go 2x when I can go 10x?”

That last question is from Dan Sullivan, author and founder of Strategic Coach.  In the May 2012 edition of Success Magazine Dan writes about 10 times thinking. The idea is to grow something important to you by 10 times.  The chosen 10 times goal  - while not an end in itself - would catapult you into a new set of abilities. With these new capabilities, you would then be able to go 10x in any area you choose in the future. 

I read this and a light bulb went off.  I thought this might help me put BIG IDEAS into action. I’ll share how this act of going 10x actually fleshed out in my daily life.  After some consideration, I decided to:
  1. Write my vision and make it clear

  2. Make victory sure with many advisers

  3. Work hard to bring a profit

Let me explain the first one.  The second and third action step will be explained at another time. 


Big Ideas Must Be Written

For me, implementing the 10x way of thinking started with scripture.  The Bible says, "Write the vision. Make it clear on tablets so that anyone can read it quickly.” - Habakkuk 2:2.   After taking in that scripture along with Dan Sullivan’s idea, I realized I already had a lined softcover book that I could write my affirmations in.  I also had an almost new 5 subject yellow notebook. I named it and am now using it for my BIG IDEAS which include: 
©Toni Ruppert

  • plans for my future art fair booth
  • 3-month goals with deadlines
  • charity goals(American Cancer Society - Relay for Life)
  • plans for paintings I’d like to see in public spaces across the U.S.
  • other awesome ideas gleaned from my advisers


Results of Going After Big Ideas

The last two to three weeks have brought some personal results and some bruising disappointments.

A personal result of writing down my vision has been that my morning routine is absolutely inspiring me - I get out of bed excited about the day. 

Additionally, after writing my daily affirmations,  I shared them once or twice on my personal timeline on Facebook.  After seeing them, my dear friend Leanna shared that she liked seeing them daily.  So I started posting the affirmations daily on my personal timeline. I am considering posting them regularly to my Facebook Fan page so everyone can benefit - let me know what you think, okay? 

It has not all been a bed of ease.  First, after collaborating with another artist on a BIG IDEA art project for a University, our idea and concepts were not chosen.  Bummer! Second, two mural projects for a local school district did not materialize as I’d hoped.  Ouch!  Finally, the super duper press release for my summer art camps was nixed by one of the park districts I'm working with.  Slammed!  (It was my own responsibility - I did not know the correct regulations and procedures that needed to be followed.)

Though this all happened, I find myself in a good place -- a place of trust.  The BIG IDEAS are flowing and I’m going after them.  Again, I will share more soon.  I leave you with one of the affirmations I posted this week:

Rising before the sun came up, I ran to meet God. This glorious day is here! I AFFIRM:

I can flourish.
I excel in strength.
He leaps with me.
I am lifted.