Monday, September 16, 2013

What I've Noticed Despite Pain

What I Noticed #1 - Ink on Paper ©Toni Ruppert
I did not realize how pain could affect me. And my art.  Physical pain affects the way you think and move...and talk and create.

I have had weird pains in my back. Hopefully, this will be taken care of over the next few weeks as I am scheduled to see a specialist next week. Sometimes I've had to sit still so I would not feel anything.

This has obviously affected the way I see myself.  I've seen myself frail...

On top of that, we recently moved.  With the pain and moving, I've noticed EVERYTHING.

Details. Cracks on side walks. Reflections in window glass.
Here is what I've noticed so far:

What I Noticed #1 - Ink on Paper ©Toni Ruppert

At the grocery store, I was getting a package of hashbrowns or something, when I turned around to see a guy who was IN my personal space. We locked eyes and in the instant that it took me to notice the joint in his right hand, I felt fear. I said hello, signaled my daughter and went on. That whole day, I thought about him and what brought him to THIS morning. I felt like this guy was a kid at some point. This drawing is the result of my encounter with him.

On My Mind (Detail) - Ink on Paper ©Toni Ruppert

Two friends of mine who are missionaries in Santiago Chile have been on my mind. They care for abandoned children among other ministry programs.  Jack and Janine are extremely faithful and committed. You can read about them here: 

On My Mind #1 - Ink on Paper - ©Toni Ruppert
On My Mind #2 - Ink on Paper - ©Toni Ruppert

On My Mind #3 - Ink on Paper - ©Toni Ruppert

All I know it that it is important to keep creating despite the pain.  Jesus es vencedor (In Jesus we always have the victory.)