Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Connection and Devotion: words for 2016

"Growing Heart and Hearth"
Acrylic Mixed Media
©Antonia Ruppert

As I start 2016 with this first post, two words comes to mind: connection and devotion. 

Connection is something that we all need. Though we are connected via technology, some of us are yet alone or lonely.  As an artist I am acutely aware of this.  I started a project, "Faces of Strength" last year to connect to other moms in my neighborhood.  I have not mentioned it in a while here, but read this short post to catch up.  

Here is where devotion comes in. Devotion. Love, loyalty or enthusiasm for a person, activity or cause.  It is only pure devotion to this gift of an idea God gave me that keeps me going. It keeps me going from good to great.

This is the beginning of the painting shown above:

"Growing Heart and Hearth," progress picture

I almost said OK, but then I listened to "Three Feet from Gold" an audiobook by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid.  In the book, entrepreneur Debbi Fields says, "Good enough never is..." 

I went to work in devotion.

"Growing Heart and Hearth," painting in progress

"Imaginary Parts" shown below is another painting that could have stopped at good enough. The painting was really missing something at first.  Then my daughter called me. I relaxed.

After talking for a while, I glanced at the painting and then the missing piece hit me. 

"Imaginary Parts"
Acrylic Mixed Media
©Antonia Ruppert

These first two paintings of the year will be shown along with others in the "Faces of Strength" series.  I am so thrilled! They will be exhibited at Loyola University Chicago this spring.  It is my intention to share more details about the show as we get closer to the show.

Let me ask, what are you devoting yourself to this year?  How will you connect deeply as the year progresses?

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