Thursday, November 26, 2015

Art everyday- sweetness

Cranberry cake
© Antonia Ruppert

Ahhh!  This was my Thanksgiving dinner contribution. I love the cranberries folded into vanilla, almond, flour, sugar and butter. 

The family taste test results are in: the cake part was truly yummy but the cranberries were very tart.  Pucker up!

Here is a lesson--don't skimp the sugar. In an effort to lower calories, I used a 1/2 cup less of sugar.  And one could tell. 

Lesson learned.

That lesson carries over into art. Whether you are a new or seasoned collector, know this: working with an artist to create your decor is using all of the sugar.  

Working with an artist --like me--means sweet results.

I'm thankful for all who venture to work with me.  

Commissioned landscape
© Antonia Ruppert

Thank you for reading my posts, following me on Facebook, for purchasing my work and for your positive feedback.

I'll have another chance at that cranberry cake. I will make another one for a dinner party I'm hosting on this Saturday.

Believe me, I will not skimp on the sugar.  

See for ways you too can add real sweetness.

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