Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Art Everyday Month - Going Slow

Mount Shasta- work in progress © Antonia Ruppert 

Slow down. That is what I'm trying to do today. At least that is what's called for in this latest commissioned painting of Mount Shasta. 

I started fast with acrylic paint. 

Mount Shasta - work in progress © Antonia Ruppert

But the current layer of oils on top of the acrylic called for deliberate, steady and slow brushwork. 

I stepped back and squinted too.

I remember how one of my instructors,  Clayton J. Beck III, at the Palette and Chisel Art Academy in Chicago, explained that he slows down as he gets closer to completing a painting. 

Are you slow and deliberate in your work or are you full-speed ahead? If you usually speed through a task, try slowing down(it might just work).

Flagstaff Mountain, Colorado © Antonia Ruppert 

Before I go - my Colorado pre-sale of paintings has been extended to November 19th. I'm committed to creating paintings from my trip to Colorado. As a pre-sale, you are able to obtain these paintings for your collection for less than usual. See more here:

Speed read it only if you must. 

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