Sunday, November 1, 2015

Colorado + Art Every Day Month 2015

Packing for Colorado
Before church started, I saw a post from my friend Elaine about Art Every Day Month 2015.  I decided to jump in and agree to being creative in some way daily.  That should be easy since I am on my way to Colorado this week for Art Biz Breakthrough and there will be loads of new people and places to see.

I've already committed to creating new Colorado paintings upon my return home.  My pre-sale of those paintings ends on November 10th.  See more about those here.

Also, in the works is a commission of Mount Shasta in California.  So there will be lots to see here on the blog creative wise.  I may even post a song or two. Who knows what November will hold creatively?

For now, here are my doodles for today...

Candy Dish ©Antonia Ruppert

Doodle to the Message ©Antonia Ruppert

This last doodle was done while listening to the message in church today. As Pastor Henry was preaching, I captured some of what he was saying in words and images. 

Doodling has actually been shown to keep the mind engaged while in meetings.  Next time you're in church taking notes, doodle them visually. (Let me know how it turns out.)

If you want to jump on board the creativity bandwagon--there is still time. Check it all out here on the Creative Every Day blog.

What creative adventures await you this November?

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