Friday, November 6, 2015

Writing and finding my voice

Sharing the Journey, (study/work in progress), 7x10, watercolor, ink and wax crayon- © Antonia Ruppert

I wrote everyday in the month of October. Several pages longhand. 

Why? My business coach, Jane, suggested I explore another avenue of creativity. I decided on writing because I have always kept a journal and wrote songs or poetry.

So when artist and writer Cynthia Morris of shared in her newsletter about her online writing course Free Write Fling, I thought it was perfect timing. 

Though I started writing because of the class, I came to truly enjoy it because it became a space where the real world could not reach me. It became a place of truth.

Moreover, I learned that one has to commit to writing as with any endeavor.

I had to move heaven and earth to make my writing a priority. Sometimes I wrote in strange places like at the laundromat.

What were the results?

Clarity. Stronger and deeper voice. Connecting with myself. I found myself writing and speaking truth in everyday situations. Telling people things they may or may not have wanted to hear. 

So here I am in Golden, Colorado at a  conference for artists (Art Biz Breakthrough 2015 led by Alyson Stanfield).

I made it to Colorado this week despite what looked like insurmountable challenges. At one point in October while writing, I emphatically wrote that "I would go." The intention and determination swelled up in me.  After much prayer, the way was made clear shortly after that.

Visual art...and writing. A powerful combination which I'm no longer afraid to own.

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