Thursday, May 17, 2012

101 Ways I've Created

One of my favorite childhood memories includes drawing on the "den" floor with lots of paper and crayons.  My Dad use to come home from Brach's Candy in Chicago and sketch.  I think back to how connected I felt to Dad when I created something. 

"Meet the Artist" Orland Park, IL  Public Library, 2010  - Photo by Van Westrop

I remember one time when Dad first showed me his drawing with an eraser technique. It was a cool way to blend graphite and create highlights.  As a child, I was in awe as he guided me. 

A lot has happened in my life since those early years.  Yet, I am able to create.  This week, I was led to remember ways and circumstances I’ve created over the years.  I came up with over 100 ways.