Monday, March 30, 2015

For the One Who Thinks 1986 is Ancient

©Antonia Ruppert
Doesn't it just rub you when your kids think you're waaay uncool? Here is a poem inspired by my youngest daughter, Imani, age 9 - who currently thinks 1986 is ancient.  To read why I wrote this, go here.  

One Day ©Antonia Ruppert

One day soon in the mirror you’ll see
all I had hoped you’d be
You’ll look long and hard and say
“Mom also wore her hair that way.”

Your skin etched with laughter 
where smooth use to be
Your velvety hands
moistened with Mr. Clean

That your way will be guided 
and your dreams made true
Is all I can ever hope for you.

Yet, in the mirror, one day, you’ll see
though today you laugh hilariously.
In the mirror one day you’ll see,

you’re more than ever like me.

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