Thursday, June 10, 2010

9 Father's Day Portraits - My Tribute to Real Men

"Laura's Dad, Reflecting" Mixed Media 20x22
Hello everyone.  It’s a few days until Father’s Day and I’d like to celebrate with a new painting project; Real Men.  Today, as I launch my portrait project, I start with my friend Laura’s dad who sat for me not too long ago.  People are a subject I love.

I am very excited about this project and hope my viewers will enjoy seeing a new “Real Man” every day for the next two weeks.  First, I need a few interesting PAINTABLE photos of dads for the project.

Please review the photo requirements:

The photo you send should be from the shoulders up. The photo should be taken by YOU, not a professional photographer. The best photos for portraits have strong light and shadow.  If you take a flash photo of your dad with him looking directly in the camera  - this will yield a flat image that is not as interesting to paint. 

Please state your dad’s eye color, e.g., hazel, gray-green, dark blue, dark brown, etc. It's hard to see color in many photos.

Email your photo to me -  Go ahead, send them to me.  If you’d like, you can also send me 2-3 sentences about why your dad is special and is in fact a real man.  In the next few days, I will start posting the person of the day and your special tribute to him. 

NOTE: By sending me a photo, you are giving me permission to paint the portrait and publish the completed painting along with the photo, on my blog, website and on Facebook.

I cannot tell you when your painting will be posted because I have my daughter, Kayla, randomly pick a photo for me to paint every day.

Each portrait size will be 11x14 inches in oil or mixed media, and be available for sale for $65 plus $10 shipping/handling in the US, $20 international. If you wish to purchase a portrait, simply e-mail me at and I can send the Paypal link.

WHEN: I will start collecting photos immediately and continue doing so during the duration of the project. I will choose which portraits I wish to paint, so sending me a photo does not GUARANTEE that it will be painted as a part of the project.

PRIVACY: I will only reveal the first name of the person, and each portrait will be given a number. So the first portrait will be, for example, "Tony, 1/10", the second "Robert, 2/10" and so on.

STYLE: I will paint the portraits with vibrant colors and strong brushwork. I may crop the faces for artistic effect.  I will endeavor to achieve a likeness to the photo, but since I'm working from a single photo, I cannot guarantee the painting will be a perfect likeness.

OBLIGATION: You are under no obligation to purchase your portrait. This is not a commission.

I think this has the potential to be really fun. With your help, I will be able to create some more portraits of men and improve my skills as a portrait artist.

If you haven't sent me a photo at, why not?  You have nothing to lose.  Thanks for visiting.