Sunday, June 28, 2015

Good News Post!

Saugatuck Journey of Light
Mixed Media
©Antonia Ruppert

This is a quick Good News Post!

I'm super thrilled as I write this. My proposed piece - "Saugatuck Journey of Light" has been accepted by the Arc Hotel which is being built in Muncie, IN. I am thankful to God for the opportunity and for my friend Bill who let me know about it.

Oli's Pets
Acrylic on Panel
©Antonia Ruppert
This piece came together this week to a great response.  This is what I was told, " are is beautiful...I knew you would do an amazing job...God bless your hands woman!" 

Rough Patch
Acrylic on Paper
©Antonia Ruppert
This piece is something different for me. Very. I was surprised at the playfulness and freedom of it.  I put music on and my paints and this is what happened.

So thats it. Good news all around.  Thank you for joining me here!

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