Friday, July 31, 2015

Be creative while on vacation: 10+ tips

"Taking it All In"
Oil and Acrylic on panel

Yeehaw! Can you be creative while on vacation? 

My Experience 
My family visited central Wisconsin this week and we went horseback riding for the first time. We took a tour along a scenic route in Mauston, Wisconsin at Red Ridge Ranch. It's about 20 minutes from the Dells and away from the touristy stuff. The scenes were just perfect for invigorating creativity.

© Antonia Ruppert
While walking in unfamiliar surroundings, I saw such beauty all around. Do you ever close your eyes and soak it all in when you experience such joy? Later, as I started to paint, I noticed the trees were doing a little dance in the wind. This piece "Taking it All In" is birthed out of that moment.

After taking it all in this week, I wrote a list of things you can do to stay creative while on vacation.

10+ Tips
  1. Take notice of local plants and flowers you might not see normally. I saw this arrangement this week while walking.
    © Antonia Ruppert

  2. Bring a pad of paper or sketchbook along.
  3. Use the sketchbook with limited tools.
  4. If you paint, use a limited or different color palette.
  5. Try a different way of crafting, cooking, exercising, etc.
  6. Change the layout of things- it will loosen you.
  7. Notice beautiful things that are similar yet different -- that sunset may be a little redder than back home. Here is one I saw this week.
  8. Use downtime to revisit goals and values.
  9. Catch up on that devotional book or Bible study you've meant to do.
  10. Practice reflection on all the things you're grateful for.
  11. Begin or end the day with a prayer of gratitude for your life.
These have been helpful to me. I hope these help you too. I would love to hear your own ideas in the comments below.

Joy and peace!

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