Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vision Board and Affirmations 2010

Today is the day of new beginnings.

I thought I'd share what I've been learning in the Blastoff class with Alyson Stanfield - with I am learning to prioritize myself and my dreams in the past few days after a few weeks of nonstop creating, working and networking, etc. We are on day three of the class. In this post, I will share my new affirmations and my vision board. Having a vision and affirming it daily are the key to Life and Beyond Average Existence. Here is my vision board which includes a trip to Florence Italy...

..And a few of my affirmations:

*It is October 2010, my daughter Kayla and I just returned from Florence, Italy.
*Money flows easily into my life, blesses me, and continues on to others.
*I talk less and listen more, allowing my actions to speak louder than words.
*I do one task at a time to completion.
*I paint everyday and have 25 or more marketable oil, watercolors and pastels to prove it.
*I can’t wait to share my artwork with new people
*I take good care of my money.

What are your goals and affirmations?

4 comments: said...

Love it! I was just trying to describe this "Vision Board" concept to my husband and he wasn't quite picturing it. I definitely plan on sharing this.

I really appreciate that you're sharing your journey. Can't wait 'til lunch on the 3rd!

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

Hey Lindsay, thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad that God is giving me a journey to share, you know?

Diana said...

Hey Toni. Your vision board is very inspired!
It's a great idea to have done it as a board so you can display it and see it all day long.

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

Hi Diana, Thanks for your comment. You are right- doing the vision board as a "board" was a very tactile experience for me. It is in my bedroom, so I'm able to see it in the morning and at night. Double reinforcement!