Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dance! (Like an Artist)

"The Children's Library", Oil, 24x36,  © Toni Ruppert
We were all dancing to music from the 90’s.  My husband and my girls and I.  This was music at least two of us were familiar with.  Whatever we did, my littlest one would mimic us.

We were dancing and laughing hysterically.  The scene made me think how much music has helped me lately. 

Music has helped me during my long hours at the painting easel.  I have been completing a year-long project for the Markham Public Library(IL) which includes several paintings.

Music from 80‘s R&B singer Chaka Khan, legends The Isley Brothers and contemporary Gospel musicians like The Winans and J. Moss--have me literally dancing at the easel and cause my paint to flow just right. With music like this, my mistakes in my paintings(I do make many) don't seem as gargantuan.
"Drawing/Children's Library", ink, 9x12, ©Toni Ruppert

For example, in my haste to finish my painting, I realized after doing the drawing (shown on this post) that I had no guys represented.  I had no models either.  Oops!

I quickly added some figures into the painting as placeholders.

Luckily, I was using oil for this piece and could easily add figures like this.  I have posted how it looked here.  I quickly called some dear friends who modeled for me that night and I was able to add in the figures.

"Progress/Children's Library", Oil, 24x36, ©Toni Ruppert
With a little help from iTunes -my music player on my computer--and a few extra painting hours, the piece was done.  

Music is an essential addition to my painting routine. 

 Put the music on and start the day is my advice. 

Do you use music in your work?  Has it helped with oopsies?  What are you swaying, twirling, pirouetting or bopping to?  I’d love to hear from you.


Denise Bellon West said...

I like to hula hoop during painting breaks!

For music, I like Drum Medicine, Seal, or Jesse Cook, depending on the mood I want for my painting.

I love seeing your work-in-progress steps, Toni! When I saw the final painting at the beginning of your post, I was overwhelmed by all the detail you put in (not because it was there, but because you had to PUT it there!).

Seeing the painting in stages showed me how you got there. Thank you for that!

Toni Ruppert said...

Hi Denise, Thanks for commenting. I can just imagine you hula hooping- how fun!

So interesting how your musical choices affect your work, huh?

I must admit, even I was a bit daunted by the detail--BUT, the music and prayer helped.

Susan Tantlinger said...

Ha! I love the hula hoop idea.

I have a favorite cd, I was looking for it just today. It is Monteverdi, I think, and it sort of matches the trance state of painting.

Really like this post where you share the stages of creation.

Toni Ruppert said...

Susan, Thanks for stopping by. So glad you appreciated this post.

I was so curious about Monteverdi--I looked up some of his music on YouTube--I can see how you likened it to painting. Simply lovely.