Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Painting of the Year

"Chasm of Unbelief"
©Antonia Lucas-Ruppert
Acrylic, Ink & Pastel on Canvas

Okay.  So my daughter received a card for her birthday.  The card said she was strong, ambitious and capable.  I was like “Wow” that is what I think about her too. 

This image on the card was so striking that I decided to play around with my own strong imagery.

I am following an amazing book - Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw.  I found myself playing around with acrylic, oil pastels, soft pastels, mediums and ink. 

I was like “Oh Snap! I get to paint like this?”

After painting this piece, I lovingly handed it to my friends on Facebook who came up with some awesome titles.

  • Thinking Way Too Hard
  • Looking Inward
  • The Dream... Surreal
  • Sustenance
  • Window of the Soul
  • The Chasm of Unbelief

I really appreciate it when I can collaborate with others on things like “titles.”  The title I’m choosing is “Chasm of Unbelief.”  I got chills when my good friend Leanna posted that. 

I chose this title because in reality the red and black mid section of the piece represents all of the obstacles we must go through sometimes in order to come to belief or peace.

(Thanks Leanna.)

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