Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Creating My 2013 Mission for Art and Life

"for Auntie Katie, Oil, ©Toni Ruppert"
Lately, I’ve been re-reading a life-changing book I picked up some years ago. “The Path, Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life” by Laurie Beth Jones helped me create my mission and hone in on buried talents that were lying dormant.  In the book, the formula for creating your mission statement is:


M=(your mission is to:)
v3=three action verbs which you are attracted to)
cv=(your core value or values)
t=(your tribe--the group/cause that inspires you)

You got all that?  The first time I worked through it --almost fifteen years ago--my mission was to inspire, enliven and envision loveliness in the world.  Uplifting, huh? As I said, I picked up the workbook recently to see if anything had changed.

Things have changed.

My Mission

Recently, after redoing the questions in the workbook, I discovered that my mission had indeed changed.  I now envision, encourage and express harmonious relationships in the world.  I do this via song, via friendships and through my art.
"Higher Learning, Watercolor, ©Toni Ruppert"
"Time for Classie Mae, Mixed Media, ©Toni Ruppert"

I guess that is why I love to paint people and encourage connectedness amongst people. The paintings above were awesome to paint for this reason.

That is why I love it when I have the opportunity to paint someone, and show the extraordinary in the ordinary.

In the painting posted above, “Auntie Katie,” I painted from pictures recreating a piece that was previously nonexistent.  I was able to present the painting last week after spending a lot of time on it.  The fact that there was such surprise and delight made me happy.

In Gratitude

As this is my first post for 2013 and my first painting of 2013--I reflect in gratitude.

  • I get to paint in freedom as often as I wish. 
  • I have the ability to really see. My daughters, will tell you of the many times I shout with glee motioning toward the sunset so she can take it in. 
  • I am appreciative of having “vision.”  There is something about seeing in your minds-eye some happening and working diligently to see it come to life.  In life and in art this is important.
  • Building relationships-- I appreciate my relationships 
  • I am grateful for wonderful friendships with other artists--I have two friends named Pamela--both artists who support me and encourage me.  There are many others who are there during the good and bad.  When I have a new commission or even when it is  slow times or I am unable to get through a part of a painting.--I can count on my friends.

So what is your mission? Have you discovered your gift to the world?  What are you grateful for?

Chime in below in the comments.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Melanie Jongsma said...

Revisiting your mission sounds like a great way to start a new year! And I love how you've captured your emphasis on connectedness and relationships. Being a wordsmith, I also appreciate the titles you give your paintings—you do a nice job of conveying multiple layers of meaning in just a few words.

Have a great 2013, Toni!

Toni Ruppert said...

Thanks so much for your input Melanie! I had not realized how my words were resonating. I appreciate hearing from you--a gifted wordsmith. Have you thought of your creative mission? I'd love to hear how you've explored this topic.

Vanessa said...

What a great post to start of 2013 Tony! The passion you have for your work definitely shows through in your paintings. Having a mission gives you focus while allowing you to enjoy the process.