Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eeeeck! I'm Almost Speechless!

"Heart Stuff"  12x12  Mixed Media  ©Toni Ruppert
 I'm so excited.  Words can not express how I feel right now.  I will try though.  Eeeeek!  Wow!  Yes!  (see) The words come out like that.  I'm excited because the show is hung at Chicago's Flourish Studios's Envision Gallery.  It took a lot to get here.

A mere few weeks ago, I was floundering with this new direction for my personal artwork.  Painting was flourishing in my commission work, but nothing was coming forth in my personal work.  I knew I wanted to talk about healing from fragmented relationships--healing from brokenness.  But it would not come out like I wanted to.  I was surrounded by prayer, paint jars, glue muslin, wood panels, and etc.  All the stuff I'd use to make my pieces.  Enter my success team.

I joined a success team lead by Eileen Kerlin Walsh.  (Look out world--here comes Eileen!)  My success team encouraged me and one of them literally said "Create two panels this week."  I was like, "Okay." After doing this for a time--my goal was in sight.
"Behind Her Smile"  12x12  Mixed Media  ©Toni Ruppert
In Teamworks, author Barbara Sher says, "A Success Team will keep you going, steadily, step by step, week after week...until one arrive right in the middle of your goal." That's what my team did for me.  Further, when I hit a snag with my frames, one of my team mates personally made them according to my specifications. see words cannot express how I'm feeling. My hope is that whatever you're working on these days will have you so excited --you too will be (almost) speechless!

I invite you to comment (use whatever words you want) on your own creative project or on how you're utilizing a team to making your ideas/dreams happen.


Tina said...

Toni! I'm so excited & happy for you. I know what you mean about working with a "team"
Although mine is a bit different. My blog about my losses is coming along more & more these days because of the community of BLM (baby loss mamas) I'm involved with. These beautiful women encourage & challenge me daily. I'm glad you've persevered through this & your art shows what a talent God has given you. May He continue to be glorified through your hands.

Beth (Elizabeth) LaMie said...

Toni, in the same way that the Success Team has inspired (okay, nagged) you, you have encouraged us as well. Without your not-so-gentle push, I wouldn't have finished my Business Plan, even as rough as it is so far.

Thanks for coming into my life just when I needed it.

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

@Tina- I can see what you are saying about your team. Your blog is beautiful. You also said it best--my talent is from God.

@Beth- You're welcome. I'm so glad your Business Plan is completed--I know you're going to do great things utilizing your plan.

Cindy Morefield said...

Great story, Toni! And it's good to see images of some of the new pieces up close. Very nice! A success team sounds wonderful - making note to self. :)

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

Thanks for your comment Cindy and encouragement! My success team is awesome. Barbara Sher is the queen of success teams. When you are ready, look up - you might be able to find a local team.