Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You Can Build It At Your Table

Grandma's Recipe ©Antonia Ruppert
Commission for the Markham, IL Public Library
Oil on Canvas, 24x36
Yes, tables are made for eating, playing games and other familial events.  But, did you know that inspiration and dreams can be built --at the table?  After spending lots of time lately at my table painting, I began wondering what other transformers--folks making a thorough or dramatic change in themselves and the world - do at their tables.  

What are you building at your table? I believe many good things can come from time spent "at the table."  Artists have birthed new careers, adventures have been written and families have been nurtured at the family table. You can use your table to:

Build a business.  Sandra Magsamen, artist, art therapist and author, built her business over 20 years ago in her basement.  I recently found out about her and she is now my poster child for artistic success.  While working a FT job, she and her husband's shipping and receiving area was their dining room.  Sandra told her story to Marcia Brixey, founder of Money Wise Women Educational Services in a recent teleseminar.  Many entrepreneurs, like Sandra have built sustaining businesses at their tables.   

Nurture a child.  This week we carved our pumpkin to my five year olds delight.  She watched my every move and asked lots of questions.  This "table time" was precious and reminded me of other memorable times.  I remember my grandmother being a great cook.  She often fixed awesome meals--though I was too young to really appreciate dishes like jambalaya and squash pie.  My cousin and my brothers and sisters just knew that when we returned home from school, shortly thereafter we'd sit at grandma's dining room table (next to the piano) and eat whatever she fixed.   

Meals at the table are fantastic.  Time spent "at the table" can make the difference between something so-so and something truly inspiring being built. 

Can you think of anything else that can be built at the table?  Are you building anything at your table?


RetroBabs said...

Toni, my husband Len calls my table my flat file. I am always building something at my table! Artwork, sewing, bills, books I should be reading. Clearing off the table to eat dinner was a common practice at our house. I just place it all back on the table after dinner! Ha Ha!
You can see things I am working on at my blogs:
and the one for my Etsy shop:

It was a pleasure going to your art show in Chicago and seeing your work!

Melanie Jongsma said...

I grew up in a family that had dinner together around the table every night, and I value the relationships that were built there. Nowadays, I have far more "screen time" than "table time," because so much of my work life, ministry life, and social life is spent online. Is it healthy for the computer to replace the table as a space for "building" things? Or is interpersonal interaction an essential part of table time, and of the creative process?

Antonia Lucas-Ruppert said...

Thank you for your comments. Barb, from your blog, I see that you are a builder, aren't you? Great to meet you and your family too.

@Melanie--You bring up a good point that "screen time" is replacing "table time." I personally value both--much of my world is now on the screen. I'd like to think that table time is quintessential-the absolute, most perfect example- of interaction and the creative process.