Friday, July 19, 2013

The Way to See and Transcend...

"Over 40"  Acrylic/Permanent Marker on Panel  12x12 ©Toni Ruppert
Do you struggle with seeing clearly?  No one talks about the mechanics of seeing either physically or mentally, just how it feels.

If seeing your way clear is easy for you, no need to keep reading.  If you answered Yes, read on to  pick up a tip to overcome this struggle.

One day this week, I got so frustrated about a situation.  I literally could not even picture a solution.  At some point, I looked out of my living room window at the blue sky.  Since I have been in love with clouds lately, I have been looking outside often.  At that point, though, I noticed something more.

My window was reeeeeeally dirty - it was gross.

I grabbed the window cleaner and attacked the grime and dirt.  Round and round and side to side I went.  Is there a science to window cleaning?  There probably is  - but I was delighted by the basic job after it was done.  I felt an exuberance and clarity.
Photo ©Toni Ruppert
 Even today as I type this, I smile as I look out and behold everything.

I had a revealing conversation later with Colleen Klimczak with Peace of Mind Professional Organizing.  She said that cleaning my window was an analogy for making way for the new - new ideas, new resources, etc.  She pointed out the physical and spiritual connection between cleaning, organizing and moving beyond situations. 

Transcendence.  To exist or experience beyond the normal or physical level.  That is what we want everyday, right? 

Do you have any similar victories to share? How have you transcended lately?

Reflections: 3 Artists Look at Life is an art show about seeing life differently.  I am showing work with artists Sharon Burrink and Jean Lewis.  Our opening is Friday, August 2nd at the Vogt Visual Art Center in Tinley Park, IL and the work will be on display for the month of August.

Cleaning this week has helped me see.  Hopefully, it comes out in my work.

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