Sunday, July 14, 2013

Whoaaaa - I Could FEEL Him

©Toni Ruppert "Bones"
Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by an experience? 

I intentionally let my curiosity lead me where I usually don’t go...and was utterly amazed.  

First, I asked two people at my brother in-laws 50th birthday party to let me draw them.  I was attracted to something visual about them.  Though one of my sitters I’ve seen at almost all of my brother in-laws parties, there was something beautiful about him and the other sitter today.

Yet, I know that there are barriers--cultural, gender, and etc. that keep walls firmly up between them and me.  Outside of my brother and sister in-laws house or at a family funeral, we would probably never cross paths.

But anyway, just for kicks, I asked Bob--a guy they called “Bones” if I could draw him.   His look was THAT GUY.  Biker, beard, beer and all of the stereotypes that go with that for me.

Bones sat for me quietly - for a long while.  Today I SAW him beautiful.

Another guy at the party - Derick - said he’d sit for me.  He told me he was a musician. He loves the blues, Led Zeppelin and writes songs for his band.  I paused and thought “What?” His father is also a musician...and his sister.  I’ve seen these folks for as long as I’ve seen my sister in-laws family.  We talked about real music and being authentic with people...we went deep. Whew!

©Toni Ruppert "Derick"

Later - maybe because my mind was open--my sister in-law’s friend Sue told me her husband’s son was also a musical genius.  Later, I had a chance to hear his music.  I had followed Sue’s husband out to their car. I overheard him tell Derick about going out there to listen to music.

I heard good music.  Amazing layers of vivid, colorful lyrics and real instruments.  I kept looking away ‘cause I could not believe this moment was happening. This guy was good.  He even included a harp on one track. Whoaaaa - I could FEEL him.

Have experiences like these always been available?
Why are we given these creative gifts?
Who is this talent for?
What does a genius like Davey do with his gifts?
If artists don’t show stuff...sell stuff...change stuff - is it good?
Is it OK if it just touches 1 person?
What if its all just to stay sane?

Like I said, I was blown away today. Today...was real. 

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