Monday, February 2, 2015

Faces of Strength: Awaken to Joy

"Awaken to Joy" © Antonia Ruppert
12 x 12-  Mixed Media on Panel
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Waking up to joy. I know it’s hard to feel joyful when it’s storming outside (as it was yesterday here in Chicago).  Waking up at 2am when it’s your turn for “doody" duty is usually not a joyful moment either.  If you feel 100% joyful, read no further because that is what I’m talking about today.

I was a guest at a friends Naidy’s baby shower.  My friends and I found a way to bring a smile by writing encouraging and funny notes on the diapers:
  • I Poop Butterflies
  • I’ll Thank You Later
  • I’m God’s Little Reward
  • Don’t Forget to Love Me

I had to laugh imagining my friend changing diapers in the middle of the night with these messages on them.  Awakening to joy is all in how you frame it. 

Last week, for my Faces of Strength project, I interviewed and started painting “Jenny.”   She experiences the highs and lows of motherhood and yet finds simple joy in receiving love from her kids. When they look at her with love - she gets a huge thrill.   

I painted this piece "Awaken to Joy" based on what Jenny said.

"Awaken to Joy" © Antonia Ruppert
Progress 1: Paint and smooth on primed panel

"Awaken to Joy" © Antonia Ruppert
Progress 2: Add lists and collage/Mod Podge it
"Awaken to Joy" © Antonia Ruppert
Progress 3: Add tissue paper with words and acrylic medium
"Awaken to Joy" © Antonia Ruppert
Progress 4: After drying: Add glaze of color and drawing
It was an exhilarating experience for me as I added lists and collaged pieces to the panel thinking of how I could express this idea of joy.

The other day, before my youngest fell asleep in the car, she said, “I love you Mom.”  So of course I’m tearing up driving down the expressway.  Like Jenny, it was simple, but it filled me with joy.  I wrote the memory in my journal so I would not forget it.

Are you awaking to joy?  Whether you’re in a snow storm or another storm of sorts, it’s all in how you frame it.  You might be on diaper "doody" or in another season of life.  Remember its all in how you frame it.

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